Frequently Asked Questions:  

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What is the Ancient Tea Horse Road?

The Ancient Tea Horse Road is a 1,500-year-old trade route that was used to transport Tea and other Treasures from the Pu'er and Sichuan Tea Fields in Southern China to the Splendor of Lhasa in Tibet. The tea, carried on the backs of men or packed on horses, was traded to Tibetan Royalty in exchange for their sturdy Tibetan Ponies. The cultural diversity along this route exceeds anything else on earth, and the bio-diversity also tops the charts. If you want to read more about this fascinating trade route and cultural blender - click the "More" button. It's worth it!

What is Tea Horse Treasures (THT)?

Tea Horse Treasures follows the Ancient Tea Horse Road and explores the twenty-six different cultures along this route. We are searching for artisans using their cultural heritage to create art and unusual pieces that would be of interest to people who may not have the opportunity to take a physical Adventure on The Ancient Tea Horse Road. If you want to read more about the journey and also how the Virtual Shopping works - click the "More" button.

What is Your Return Policy?

Tea Horse Treasures allows 30 Day returns on Stocked Commercial items if damaged in transit, not working, or not as advertised when delivered to you.   THT allows 60 Day returns on Unique Items, Ethnic Fine Arts or Virtual Shopper Items. Some conditions apply. See the full Return Policy by selecting the "More" button. My goal is to have delighted and satisfied customers.

What About Shipping. Where are items originating? How long to reach me?

Where are items originating?   How long to reach me?
Short answer: From a place far, far away.
Long answer:   I am a US Citizen, and I live along the Ancient Tea Horse Road in China. Most of our Tea Horse Treasures come from areas located along that ancient trade route, stretching from southern China to Tibet. We are on the other side of the globe from those of you that live in the US. Our time zone is precisely 12 hours different from the Eastern US, so it's going to take a little time for things to get halfway around the world to your door. Shipping times will be dependant on the type of product ordered. To read the full Shipping Info - click the "More" button.  

Will I receive Tracking Notifications?

Yes. When your order is placed, you will get an Order Confirmation notice via email or SMS. When your order is shipped, you will get a Shipping Notification along with a Tracking Number that will allow you to track the shipment. When the package has been delivered to you, you will receive a Delivery Notification.

How can I contact you?

The best way to contact me, or to initiate a conversation, is to send an email or use the Contact Us form. After receiving your message I will be happy to correspond via email or to have a personal phone call. If you would like to have a call back, please leave your phone number in the message. We can also correspond via SMS text if you like. You can email me at